Monday, April 22, 2013

budget magic fingers

I think I feel a fever coming on. Not a dance or music or party fever, a regular run of the mill, cold sweats and achy joints. Oh dear. I can't cut classes too, but hopefully I can manage to not look like the walking dead of tomatoland.

So summer classes have been okay, alright, nothing special. I have so much free time and my schedule matches up with my friends' to the furthest extent of passing each other as we walk from our first to second classes. Oh no. On the bright side, I've decided to finally finally finally volunteer at PAWS, since I have the time. Other things: menial jobs. I really don't mind waiting tables, ringing up cashiers, being that annoying sales lady who stands next to you as you browse through racks of dresses and who keeps saying 'dress, ma'am?'. I just need something to do. Though I really really want an internship or anything at UP NIGS, since rocks are my jam. 

Enough about that. Thoughts about what to fill my hours in with don't make good broadcast programming. 

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